Speaker Instructions

ISABE Speaker Instructions

Please follow the below instructions when preparing and presenting your presentations for ISABE 2019

  1. 30-min speaking session have been assigned to all speakers (excluding Keynotes). Please keep your presentation to 15 – 20 min. The remaining time will be for a short Q&A and presenter changeover, and audience room change.

  2. Presenters will be given a 5min, 3min and 1min warnings when approaching 20min total speaking time. Speaking time will be strictly monitored to maintain scheduling across the parallel sessions.

  3. If using slides, the preferred format is 16:9, however, 6:4 is also supported.

  4. You are to bring your slides to the speaker preparation room no later than the morning of your presentation. Slides will then be uploaded to the conference computer.

  5. Please report to your scheduled room 5 – 10 minutes before your session start and introduce yourself to your session chair.

  6. All rooms will be provided with a laser pointer.

Note: If you are travelling with a dependent and as primary carer you need support for child care during ISABE2019, please contact the Conference Secretary (Dr Bianca Capra <b.capra@adfa.edu.au>) to arrange assistance.